Join other couples for a night of fun and social gathering. Established league seeking additional couples. Grab your spouse, parent, child or friend and join in the fun. Tuesdays at 5pm, May through August.

To sign up, click the link below, fill out the registration form and email it to us at or call 978-582-6694.

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Co-ed League Guidelines-2017


Maximum strokes 8 on par 4s, 6 on par 3s. Two person teams Male/Female or Female/Female Men/Men if both are new golfers.

Men tee off from the blue tees. Women from the red tees. Share drives on holes 1,3,4,5,6,8,9. Hole 9 only if the tees are not at the tree. We adjust this during the season.

Preferred lies everywhere, you cannot improve your position. If your ball is on some rocks or roots you can ask for free relief from your opponent. It is your opponents decision whether to give relief or not. You can lift, clean and place your ball if it lands in a wet area.

Tee off between 4pm and 5:30pm. This is the time the course will give us the exclusive use of the 1st tee. Please contact your opponent to set up a time to play. Teams can play your match on a different day to help with everyone’s busy schedule. Try to play your match with the team you are scheduled to play. Please call the pro shop to set up a tee time. Contact your opponent as early as possible if you cannot play your match. This will give everyone an opportunity to try and set up another match. In setting up a new time to play your match, please be mindful that Thursday night is very busy with a 60+ member league so is not available and Wednesday night has a league of 40+ members. We have told these leagues not to encroach on your tee times on Tuesday, so we hope you will respect theirs as well. Teams cannot cancel a scheduled match to play a make-up match. If that occurs both teams will forfeit their points for that match.

Out of Bounds and lost balls:

Fairway borders of stone walls on Holes 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are OB. Drop a ball within two club lengths of point of entry but not closer to the hole. This is a one stroke penalty.


There are 2 points per hole, 18 points per match-2 pts for winning the hole, 1 point for a half, 0 points for losing the hole.

We will be providing each team with a match scorecard, with handicap strokes already marked on the cards, for each match. Each team should maintain a scorecard for all four players and compare after each hole. Home team (team listed on top of the scorecard is the home team) is responsible for the official scorecard to be turned in. All four players should sign the official card showing that they agree with the scores.